Elite - Key 3 (Lease-to-Own)

Price: $700.00

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RS RE RIE line up

Receiver-in-Ear (RIE)

Small and discreet, our Receiver-in-Ear hearing aids include the highly attractive cosmetic mini RIE and the small and long-lasting rechargeable solution.

RS RE BTE line up

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

Easy to handle, choose from three Behind-the-Ear options to suit your hearing loss and personal preferences.

RS RE custom line up

Custom crafted

Our discreet custom hearing aids are crafted to fit your ear’s anatomy and adjusted to your hearing requirements. Our small Completely-in-Canal (CIC) model is the first of its kind to offer best-in-class Bluetooth streaming.

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Lease to Own - Down payment, monthly recurring charge

$700 Down Payment
$70 / month recurring charge for 36 months

Submit a $700 down payment and set up a recurring charge of $70 per month for 36 months. Receive new hearing aids at the end of the contract with no additional money down. Send your old hearing aids in and we will send you new hearing aids.

Leasing is only available for a binaural set of hearing aids (a hearing aid for both ears). Individual hearing aids for a single ear are only available for purchase.

Clear speech

The advanced Adaptive Directionality feature helps you identify and understand speech in noisy places, both indoors and out.

Listening comfort

WindGuard reduces wind noise so you can hear comfortably outdoors. And thanks to DFS Ultra II, you won't experience whistling - even when hugging a loved one.

Convenient use

With Ear-to-Ear communication, you can change the volume or program of both hearing aids by adjusting just one of them.


Quality and comfort you can count on

You can choose from a wide range of discreet designs that deliver all-day listening and wearing comfort. Enya is available in several colors so you can select the one that matches your preferences. Nanotech coating makes Enya hearing aids even more durable by protecting them from water, dust and earwax.

Sound quality and audiological features

Sound Quality

The excellent sound quality of Enya means you use less effort to enjoy life in all its richness. And you’ll have more energy to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Adaptive Directionality

Identify and understand clear speech in noisy environments with Adaptive Directionality.

Noise Tracker II and Windguard

Enjoy a comfortable listening experience in noise or wind thanks to Noise Tracker II and Windguard.

DFS Ultra II

Go through your day untroubled by whistling sounds, which are eliminated by the DFS Ultra II.

Ear-to-Ear communication

Discreetly change the volume or program of both hearing aids by adjusting just one of them thanks to Ear-to-Ear communication.

Tinnitus Sound Generator

Get relief from tinnitus with the inbuilt Tinnitus Sound Generator.

Wireless connectivity and accessories

Wireless accessories

Stream stereo audio from your TV, computer or music player directly to your hearing aids with the TV Streamer 2.

Hear someone who is wearing the Multi or Micro Mic in background noise or over distance.

Adjust volume, change hearing programme or mute your hearing aids with the Remote Control 2.


Product range

Available in a wide range of attractive, discreet designs, Enya delivers all-day listening and wearing comfort. No matter which model you prefer, you’ll find a wide range of colours to match the colour of your skin or hair.


Because every component is coated with nanotech, your hearing aids come with long-lasting protection from water, dust and earwax.

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